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Phone message

>From: [email protected]
>Date: Mon,  7 Mar 94 11:39:02 -0800

>This is my first attempt at posting from my Fido address, let's
>see if it works.

>A while ago I came up with an answering machine message for

Hey, looks pretty cool!

>tlhIngan veSDuj bortaS DaSIchpu' - You have reached the Klingon
>warship Bortas.

Maybe DaQum?

>rI'lIj wIjanglaHbe' - We are unable to answer your hail.

Um, I don't have "rI'" as a noun.  Are we accepting implicit
nomilalizations?  I'm still fuzzy on it.

>chuSdaq ponglIj rI'Se'lIj je junobchugh, vaj pIrI' - If you give us
>your name and hailing frequency at the sound, we will hail you.

"chuS" is also a verb.  I'm also not sure about "-Daq" here; our evidence
points to "-Daq" as being spatial, not temporal.  Maybe "ghum DaQoyDI'..."?


>... bItuHpa' bIHeghjaj
>--- Blue Wave/Max v2.12


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