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Re: A little help, please..

On 7 Mar 1994, Matt Gomes wrote:

>         Reply to:   RE>>A little help, please...
> jatlh charghwI':
> >      The only comment I'll add about the answering machine message is that in
> > English, we say telephone numbers like: "nine two four, four one eight four."
> > We don't say "nine hundred twenty four, four thousand one hundred eighty
> > four". I doubt that Klingons would do differently. It would also address your
> > wish of making the message shorter, since you can drop all those {SaD}s and
> > {moH}s, etc.
> Well... in AMERICAN, we usually do that, but I think in the UK, they DO
> give the number as one-thousand sixty four.  Maybe not in telephone
> numbers, but for street addresses.  Anyone else?
> > charghwI'
> -majIq
Nope, I've never heard anyone give out numbers in terms of "three 
thousand, four hundred and fifty six".  Occasionally, people will use 
hundreds, if it is an exact number.  For instance, 0800 becomes "oh-eight 
hundred", but this only happens when it's easier than saying "zero zero"



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