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KLBC: moQ tun

I am putting KLBC in the subject line to get the beginners to read this, 
but I would like the others on the list to comment also.  Especially on the 
comments in the middle.

This post took me about 45 minutes to complete.  The time breakdown was:

 5 minutes - Writing the English
15 minutes - Re-casting the structure into Klingon
 5 minutes - Looking up the terms
20 minutes - Writing in Klingon

chenqa' QujwI'pu' moQ tun ghomwIj
wa'Hu' maqeqchuqlaw'
wa'Hu' maqeqchuqlaw'taHvIS nItlhDaj SamHa' QujwI'
loS Hogh QujlaHbe'bej
wa'ben baHwI' QaQ ghajbe'chu' ghommaj
pagh Quj wIQap 'ej jav Quj DIluj
vaj ghom muv "Gary"
baHDI "Gary"'e', cha' Quj wIQap 'ej loS Quj DIluj 
DISvam ghommaj nubaHqangqa'meH ghaH
chaq baHmo' "Gary"'e' muvmo' QujwI' chu' je, Qujmeymaj bIH wIQap
qaSlu'DI' Saja'

Here is the English translation using ROT-13.  The plain english follows 
the ROT-13 version.  I thought that this would accomplish letting you all 
see what a ROT-13 scramble looked like and still giving spoiler space.

For the record, I am against posting the English along with the tlhIngan 
Hol.  I think that the poster should keep an english copy of the post and 
sent it privitely to anyone who requests it.  I know that I would not have 
learned half as much as I did if Krankor had posted the english along with 
his correction of my mistakes.  I had to wade through his Klingon in order 
to get feedback.  While this took me forever, it did make a difference in 
my understanding.  

I know that I will tend to read the Klingon such that it will read like the 
English, rather than translating it and having to reconstruct the 
meaning.  If you have the English given, then most of us will believe that 
we can really translate it, while in reality we are very lost when it comes 
to actually reading tlhIngan Hol.

Zl fbsgonyy grnz unf sbezrq ntnva
Lrfgreqnl jr cenpgvprq
Lrfgreqnl jura jr cenpgvpr n cynlre qvfybpngrq n svatre
Ur jvyy abg cynl sbe sbhe jrrxf
Ynfg lrne bhe grnz unq ab tbbq cvgpure
Jr ybfg 6 tnzrf naq jr jvaavat abar
Gura "Tnel" wbvarq gur grnz
Ur pna cvgpu
Jvgu Tnel cvgpuvat, jr jba 2 tnzrf juvyr ybfvat 4
Ur jvyy cvgpu sbe hf ntnva guvf frnfba
Creuncf jvgu uvf cvgpuvat naq fbzr arj cynlref jr jvyy jva unys bhe tnzrf
V jvyy xrrc lbh vasbezrq

My softball team has formed again
Yesterday we practiced
Yesterday when we practice a player dislocated a finger
He will not play for four weeks
Last year our team had no good pitcher
We lost 6 games and we winning none
Then "Gary" joined the team
He can pitch
With Gary pitching, we won 2 games while losing 4
He will pitch for us again this season
Perhaps with his pitching and some new players we will win half our games
I will keep you informed
         ____|    |____
        |              |
        |____      ____|
             |    |           Matt Whiteacre
             |    |           [email protected]
             |    |
             |    |

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