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Re: A little help, please...


> ... in English, we say telephone numbers like: "nine two four,
> four one eight four." We don't say "nine hundred twenty four,
> four thousand one hundred eighty four". I doubt that Klingons
> would do differently. ...

Well, some other Terran languages do things differently.  For
instance, I believe the French say (and print!) the digits of
their phone numbers in pairs:  48 24 17 "forty-eight twenty-four
seventeen" (in French of course).  But there's no reason to
suppose Klingons would do anything like that.  The digit-by-digit
approach seems most straightforward, and that's the Klingon way.

- marqem

                         Mark A. Mandel 
    Dragon Systems, Inc. : speech recognition : +1 617 965-5200 
  320 Nevada St. :  Newton, Mass. 02160, USA : [email protected]

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