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Re: Including Translations

chup marqoS:

> The truly paranoid can rot13 the English.

Two points of dissension:  (1) What's to be paranoid about in the
English translation of Klingon text?  (2) More important, not
everyone on the list is on a Unix system with a neat mail reader
that can apply rot13 at the touch of a key.  This isn't uucp,
it's email and goes through... Well, my email comes through an
office LAN to my DOS machine, and I read it through an
unbelievably incompetent program called CC:MAIL that won't even
let me extract and quote sections of a message unless I do it by
hand.  I expect that other people on the list use Macs, Amigas,
VAXen, and (especially if overseas) other varieties with
operating systems I've never even heard of.

- marqem

                         Mark A. Mandel 
    Dragon Systems, Inc. : speech recognition : +1 617 965-5200 
  320 Nevada St. :  Newton, Mass. 02160, USA : [email protected]

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