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Re: Including Translations

>My thought?  (I'm glad you asked).  Good idea, but it makes more sense
>in many ways just to put a couple lines of "spoiler" space and add the
>translation below that.  This will accomplish a number of things 1) the
>learner will be able to see the translation if necessary, 2) the
>BG will be able to tell what the writer was attempting to say, 3)
>the writer will not have to have a copy of the translation hanging
>around ready for the deludge of people who want translations.
>It just makes more sense to add the translation at the bottom of the
>This message was brought to you by the letters "I","M","H" and "O"...

Well, my main concern with this:  Just how many lines of spoiler
space?  For instance, my standard window is 60 lines long.  Are
people really gonna put in 60 empty lines?  I tend to doubt it.


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