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Re: taglines

On Mar 1,  4:47am, Amy West wrote:
> >>wej jIcheghbej.
> >>*I'll be back.
> >"wej"?  Not sure how it';s being used here.
> Supposed to be something like "later" as opposed to "right now".  I 
> said to just leave it as "jIcheghbej" because, in the context in
> which it was said (Terminator), it can only mean "I *will* return".
> Amy  


               jIchegh 'e' yIpIHbej

     That carries the sense of warning I think was intended. I think it is
better than {jIchegh 'e' vIHechbej}, which is the next nearest way I'd say
this. That sounds more like a promise than a threat, which was not what
Ahhnold was trying to do.


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