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>From: [email protected] (Jason K. Green)
>Date: Wed, 2 Mar 94 13:17:00 CST

>Does the noun suffix -vo function in a way equivalent to a genitive?

Not really, in general.  Genitive is a pretty broad range, so there may be
some parts where there's overlap, but in general the genitive construction
in Klingon is the noun-noun construction mentioned in section 3.4 (pp
30-31) of the dictionary.  This is the construction that indicates
possession or association, which is what genitive is all about.

"-vo'" (note the spelling, the ' is part of the suffix) is closer to what
they called an Ablative when I was studying Sanskrit (which probably isn't
what they called Ablative in Latin or whatever language you're coming
from).  It indicates action away from.  Opposite of a dative.  "Dujvo' yIt"
means "he walks away from the ship" (or she, or it, or they, etc...).

>Jason K. Green
>[email protected]


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