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Re: taglines

Been stealing Bill's taglines, Dave? :-)  A few of those were
my creations.. and really old, so mistakes were inevitable.
>>jabwI' qaghwIjDaq ghew puvwI'
>>*Waiter, there's a fly in my qagh.
>This sentence no verb!  "jabwI', qaghwIjDaq ghew *tu'lu'*".
>Klingon's not like Russian or Hebrew, you need that verb, and that's
>just what tu'lu' is for.
That was one of my creations.  I corrected mine some time ago using
tu'lu'.  I also used puvwI' for "fly" without the ghew.  But I can't
be responsible for those who steal my taglines! {:-)
>>qagh: nIQvaD 'oHtaHbe' neH!
>>*gagh: it isn't just for breakfast any more!
>nIQvaD neH 'oHtaHbe' sounds better.
Can you do that? I thought {neH} was the one exception.
>>qamDu'majDaq Hegh qaq law' qIvDu'majDaq yIn qaq puS
>>*Dying on our feet is better than living on our knees!
>Should be QaQ in both places, right?
Ummmmmm...... No!  That's supposed to be "preferable".
It's a line from STVI when the Klingons are arguing about
whether or not to go to war (sounds like ka-poosh in the film).
>g'dayt?  wtf?
Klingonaase.  Is there a good tlhIngan alternative?
>>QIpwI'Hom nga'chuq wIrI'neS Hoch!
>>*All do the honor of hailing TFLT!
>I believe "nga'chuq" takes its actors both as the subject.... In any
>case, I still can't make sense of this sentence.
That one's hard to explain, but TFLT refers to a certain person
on Fidonet.  QIpwI'Hom nga'chuq is and attempt to translate
TFLT cause you can't say the English without offending someone!
QIpwI'Hom is not good because it looks like "minor idiot" and not
"stupid little..."
"nga'chuq" -- uh, should we open that little can of worms over here
Dave?  I said that it's OK to say {yInga''egh} (yes, we've been
practicing our insults).  Dave says that the chuq is not a suffix,
but part of the root verb.  Isn't this word similar to {ja'chuq}?
Adding to the confusion is {nagh} used on PK for "mate" (assuming
that's the way it's spelled).
>>wej jIcheghbej.
>>*I'll be back.
>"wej"?  Not sure how it';s being used here.
Supposed to be something like "later" as opposed to "right now".  I 
said to just leave it as "jIcheghbej" because, in the context in
which it was said (Terminator), it can only mean "I *will* return".

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