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Re: Computer languages

On Feb 15,  4:08pm, Mark E. Shoulson wrote:
> ... I've been reviewing my own and others'
> (yes, s', charghwI'; others's looks and more importantly sounds wrong to
> me, though maybe you were right about glass') use of "-qa'".  We've been
> using it quite a bit for "re-" as in "again", when it really means more
> like "keep going after stopping."
> ~mark

     I accept this point, though I must admit I probably see as little a
distinction between "again" and "resume after stopping" as you see between
compound nouns and the noun-noun construction. I would appreciate your
explaining this difference with examples. In particular, I'm interested in
how you can express this "re-" or "again" concept WITHOUT {-qa'}, especially
since Okrand uses "again" in his example (though you do have to turn the page
to see it).


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