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Re: Computer languages

On Feb 16,  1:57am, Marnen Laibow-Koser wrote:
> : | negative angle" mean, anyway?
> Angles can obviously be acute (between 0 and 90 degrees), obtuse (between
> 90 and 180 degrees), or reflex (between 180 and 360 degrees). No reason at
> all they can't be negative (less than 0 degrees).

     I kinda figured that out, though it has its problems. If we are speaking
compass settings, it might mean "toward counterclockwise", or if it were a
gun elevation setting, it might mean "downward", assuming that there is a
zero and that crossing zero from the positive results in a negative instead
of the more common wrapping around to 359 degrees again...

     If we are talking about the angle between two lines or planes, then
negative angles become somewhat theoretical, unless we get into the angle
between the submerged section of a knife blade with the surface into which it
is plunged, for example. In general, I think this concept deserves a little
more explanation than TKD gives it.


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