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Re: All Hallow's Eve

> >From: Peter Garza <>
> >Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1993 23:58:25 -0500 (CDT)
> >ghoSqa'taH DIS poHvetlh.  Hu'qa'meH HeghwI'mey poH.  
>                            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> naQ'a' mu'tlheghvam?  Hu'qa'meH Heghpu'wI'mey qaS nuq ("HeghwI'mey"
> vIjatlhbe'; HeghwI' jIH je, nem law' (jItul!) jIHeghmo'.  HeghwI' chaH
> jubbe'wI' Hoch)?  wot vIlaDnIS.

HIja'.  Hu'qa'meH Heghpu'wI'mey oHbej.  jIQaghpu'.
> Well, even though the English is also a sentence fragment, it still doesn't
> quite work for me.  "-meH" is pretty much "in order that", so we have "in
> order that the diers rise again, a time", which sounds quite different from
> "a time for the diers to rise again".  Ideally, it would be "a time in

Actually, I was trying a kind of variation on the possessive.  It was
intended as "The time of the dead's rising"  as well as "The time of
the corpses' walking again."  

chuq: Hu'qa'meHghach Heghpu'wI'mey poH

> ~mark

Peter Garza

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