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toH.  batlh nucheghlaw'!  SuvwI' Hol lulo'qa' ghItlhwI'ma'pu'!  'e' vInaDqu'.
batlh mu'angta' mark Guido je; nuqDaq So'taH charghwI'?  'ej jeS latlhmey je;
marqoS Peter Garza je luvuvlu'.  vay' vIlIjpu'chugh, jItlhIj.  loDnI'pu'wI'
chaH vaj Hol lo'bogh Hoch'e'.  Hoch Savan.

DaH, wa' cha' joq DochHommey:

>>ghoSqa'taH DIS poHvetlh.  Hu'qa'meH HeghwI'mey poH.  
>>                           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

>Well, even though the English is also a sentence fragment, it still doesn't
>quite work for me.  "-meH" is pretty much "in order that", so we have "in
>order that the diers rise again, a time", which sounds quite different from
>"a time for the diers to rise again".  Ideally, it would be "a time in
>which the diers rise again'", but that brings up the question of how to
>say "the ship in which I fled", which we discussed a great deal and which
>never was satisfactorily resolved.  Allowing ambiguity, we could do "poHDaq
>Hu'qa'bogh Heghpu'wI'mey".

jIHvaD qay'be'.  Qap "Hu'qa'meH Heghpu'wI'mey poH" 'e' vIQub.  vIyajchu'pu'
'ej qay'ghach vIleghbe'.  <shrug>

>>yItqa'meH lommey
>>poH.  yu'ghachwIj: tlhIngan Hol "trick or treat" oH nuq'e'?  chaq
>>"qatoj 'ach yuch Danob." 'ach ghaytan "yuch yInob." neH.  chupghachmey
>tera'nganDaq nuq Hech "trick or treat"'e'?  "yuch chonobbe'chugh, vaj
>qatoj" Hech 'e' vIQub.  'ach ghaytan Dochvetlh jatlhbe' tlhInganna'.  "yuch
>HInob!" "yuch chonobbe'chugh vaj bIHegh" joq vImaSlaw'.  tojghach luparbej

ghobe', jIQoch.  tlhInganna' jIHbej 'ej vIjatlh 'e' vIHech!  {{:-)
'ach jIQochbe':  "yuch chonobbe'chugh vaj qatoj" 'oHlaw'.  teHbej, 
tojghachmey muSbej tlhInganpu'.... parHa'chugh, yuch lunobQo'!
"yuch chonobbe'chugh vaj bIHegh" Daja'chugh, vaj jang "lu', choHoH 'e'
yInIDqu'!" 'ej qaSbej may' ('ej qaSbe' yuch Sopghach {{;-)
tlhIngan yupma'mey Dayajbe'ba'.

>>It's that time of year again.  The time for the dead to rise.  Time
>>for corpses to walk again.  My question:  How would you say "trick or
>>treat" in Klingon?  Maybe "I trick you or you give me chocolate (no
>>word for candy :( )," or more likely just "give me chocolate."  Any
>>other suggestions?

naDev "give me chocolate" Damugh, 'ach tlhIngan HolDaq "yuch yInob"
DaghItlhpu'.  lughchu'be'.  yuch yInob == "Give chocolate".  "Give me
chocolate" == "yuch HInob" "jIHvaD yuch yInob" joq.


>'Iwghargh	bloodworm (n); in {reH HIvje'lIjDaq 'Iwghargh Datu'jaj}.
>		Possibly two words, but written as one on the card that
>		comes with the tape.  Obviously a compound.

chu'be' mu'vam.  p. 105Daq "reghuluS 'Iwghargh" wItu', vaj taHtaH.

>nagh	mate with (v); in {targhlIj yInagh yIruch}.  May be {ngagh}, but
>	seems to be {nagh}.

jISovchu'be' 'ach jIHvaD "ngagh" 'oHlaw'.  vI'Ijqa'nIS.

>chemvaH	type of animal (n); said once by Dorn, so could be anything.

mu'tlheghvam teH law' Hoch'e' jatlhpu'bogh vay' teH puS.

>roS	lick (v); in {QuchwIj roSQo'}.  I listened to this over and over
>	again and I'm still not sure it isn't {DroS}.  I know that Okrand
>	taps his r's so they're dentalized, but it still sounds very
>	specifically like {DroS} and not {roS}.  On the other hand, we've
>	never seen a Klingon word with an initial consonant cluster before.
>	On the third hand, the root {roS} already occurs in {roSHa'moH} (to
>	paralyze), but then homonyms are not unheard-of in Klingon.

"roS" 'oHbe'bej.  "D"na' tu'lu'.  nger vIghaj.  yI'Ijqa'.  "D" "r"
jojDaq "vowel" machqu' tu'lu' 'e' vIQub.  nom qaSbej 'ach 'pa
'oHlaw'.  nuq "vowel" vISovbe' "schwa" rurmo'.  ghaytan "a" "I" "u"
joq 'oHbe' wot moHaq rurqu'mo' (moHaq bIHtaH Da-'e' DI-'e' Du-'e'
je).  vaj "o" vIloy.  "DoroS" 'oH 'e' 'oH ngerwIj'e'.

HIja', qay'law' cha' "syllable" ghajmo' wotHeyvam.  'ach qay'be'.
qubqu' cha' "syllable"mey ghajbogh wot (mojaQ motlhmey lo'bogh
wotmey'e' vIqImHa'), 'ach tu'lu'.  Hoch mu'ghomDaq vInejta', 'ej wej

        ghIpDIj     "to court-martial"
        He'So'      "to stink"
        HoSghaj     "to be powerful"

vaj "DoroS" 'oHlaH.  yI'Ijqa'.  nuq boQub?



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