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All Hallow's Eve

>From: Peter Garza <>
>Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1993 23:58:25 -0500 (CDT)

>laDghach vIngeDmoHmeH tera'ngan Hol tlhIngan Hol je vIghItlh.

>I will write in English and Klingon for easier reading (not to
>mention making what I want clear.)

yIta', DubelmoHchugh.  (OK, if it makes you happy) :-)  I don't promise to
say the same things in Klingon as in English, tho!

>ghoSqa'taH DIS poHvetlh.  Hu'qa'meH HeghwI'mey poH.  
naQ'a' mu'tlheghvam?  Hu'qa'meH Heghpu'wI'mey qaS nuq ("HeghwI'mey"
vIjatlhbe'; HeghwI' jIH je, nem law' (jItul!) jIHeghmo'.  HeghwI' chaH
jubbe'wI' Hoch)?  wot vIlaDnIS.

Well, even though the English is also a sentence fragment, it still doesn't
quite work for me.  "-meH" is pretty much "in order that", so we have "in
order that the diers rise again, a time", which sounds quite different from
"a time for the diers to rise again".  Ideally, it would be "a time in
which the diers rise again'", but that brings up the question of how to
say "the ship in which I fled", which we discussed a great deal and which
never was satisfactorily resolved.  Allowing ambiguity, we could do "poHDaq
Hu'qa'bogh Heghpu'wI'mey".

>yItqa'meH lommey
>poH.  yu'ghachwIj: tlhIngan Hol "trick or treat" oH nuq'e'?  chaq
>"qatoj 'ach yuch Danob." 'ach ghaytan "yuch yInob." neH.  chupghachmey

tera'nganDaq nuq Hech "trick or treat"'e'?  "yuch chonobbe'chugh, vaj
qatoj" Hech 'e' vIQub.  'ach ghaytan Dochvetlh jatlhbe' tlhInganna'.  "yuch
HInob!" "yuch chonobbe'chugh vaj bIHegh" joq vImaSlaw'.  tojghach luparbej

>It's that time of year again.  The time for the dead to rise.  Time
>for corpses to walk again.  My question:  How would you say "trick or
>treat" in Klingon?  Maybe "I trick you or you give me chocolate (no
>word for candy :( )," or more likely just "give me chocolate."  Any
>other suggestions?

They probably wouldn't beat around the bush so much.  I tried to come up
for words for "candy" for you, like "sweet"wI', if there were a word for
"sweet"... No dice.  Couldn't find "sugar" or "honey" either, which could
have made more general compounds that "chocolate".  I suppose you could use
the dubious "?roS" from PK and make "something that's licked", but that's
stretching it.  Frankly, a Klingon would probably just demand "Soj" and
leave it at that.


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