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All Hallow's Eve

laDghach vIngeDmoHmeH tera'ngan Hol tlhIngan Hol je vIghItlh.

I will write in English and Klingon for easier reading (not to
mention making what I want clear.)

ghoSqa'taH DIS poHvetlh.  Hu'qa'meH HeghwI'mey poH.  yItqa'meH lommey
poH.  yu'ghachwIj: tlhIngan Hol "trick or treat" oH nuq'e'?  chaq
"qatoj 'ach yuch Danob." 'ach ghaytan "yuch yInob." neH.  chupghachmey

It's that time of year again.  The time for the dead to rise.  Time
for corpses to walk again.  My question:  How would you say "trick or
treat" in Klingon?  Maybe "I trick you or you give me chocolate (no
word for candy :( )," or more likely just "give me chocolate."  Any
other suggestions?

So I won't translate everything...
tlhIngan tIgh oHbej "Halloween"'e'.  ghe''orvo' ghoS quvHa'moHlu'bogh
tlhInganpu'.  tlhInganna' oH.  {{:[ <- vampire Klingon

Peter Garza

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