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Words not found in TKD

>From: "Matthew Whiteacre" <>
>Date: Tue, 26 Oct 93 12:08:55 CDT

>I have been comparing several of the parsers which people have written, and 
>have found a list of words which I can't located in TKD.  Are these words 
>canon?  Do they even exist, or are they the product of multiple typo's?

For the most part, I think they're from the veS Qo'noS list, which is a
list of words published in a magazine called veS Qo'noS, from Okrand, so
I'd guess they're canon, coming as they do from Okrand.  They appeared in a
HolQeD a while back, and I here reprint them.  Note that some of them made
it into the addendum in the mu'ghom chu'.

List of other Klingon words, from an issue of veS QonoS, reported in
HolQed, Vol 1, No. 3
nga'chuq        sex (i.e. perform sex; always subject)
yatlh           pregnant, be pregnant
jIH             monitor (n, i.e., a device)
Hergh QaywI'    pneumatic hypo
HerghwI'        pneumatic hypo
tuj muvwI'      thermo-suture
'uD'a'          laser
'uD Haqtaj      laser scalpel
roSHa'moH       paralyze (cause to be paralyzed)
Say'qu'moH      sterilize
woj             radiation
tlham           gravity
woj choHwI'     reactor
HoS choHwI'     transtator
chach           auxiliary, backup (=emergency)
chu'wI'         trigger
naH             vegetable (also fruit)
Ha'DIbaH        meat (=animal)
Duy'a'          ambassador
lupDujHom       shuttlecraft
HIvDuj          attack fighter
lurgh           direction (spatial)
Soj             food
maQmIgh         dark omen, sign of evil coming
tonSaw'         klingon fighting
chaDvay'        Hertz (frequency)

>Also, if there are additional words which are used in Power Klingon which 
>are considered canon (HUH = bile, nga' as a root, etc.) then could you 
>please pass those on.  As evidenced by my recent attempts, I can not 
>translitrate from spoken Klingon very well.

I should be (but am not yet) compiling a list of those words, to the best
of my hearing discrimination.  "HuH" does seem to be "gall", but I'm pretty
sure it isn't "nga'" as a root, I misheard.  It really sounds like "nagh",
possibly "ngagh".  


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