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Words not found in TKD

I have been comparing several of the parsers which people have written, and 
have found a list of words which I can't located in TKD.  Are these words 
canon?  Do they even exist, or are they the product of multiple typo's?

 'uD'a'              laser (n)
 chaDvay             hertz (frequency) (n)
 HIvDuj              attack fighter (n)
 la''a'              commandant (n)
 maQmIgh             dark omen, sign of evil coming (n)
 nga'chuq            sex (i.e. perform sex; always subject) (v)
 pabpo'              grammerian (n)
 roSHa'moh           paralyze (v)
 Say'qu'moh          sterlize (v)
 tonSaw              klingon fighting (n)
 yatlh               pregnant, be pregnant (v)

Also, if there are additional words which are used in Power Klingon which 
are considered canon (HUH = bile, nga' as a root, etc.) then could you 
please pass those on.  As evidenced by my recent attempts, I can not 
translitrate from spoken Klingon very well.
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