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Re: Punctuation revisited

On Oct 20,  1:14am, Jacques Guy wrote:
> Subject: Punctuation revisited
> ... or lack thereof, I know, I know. Which leads me to
> ask: what about spaces? Spaces between words is a highly
> idiosyncratic Terran convention, highly regional too.
> Only some weirdo users of some weirdo languages (English, French,
> German, Italian, Russian... you know) do it. The Thai don't 
> do it, the Burmese don't do it, the pundits seeped in Sanskrit
> don't do it, once upon a time the ancestors of said weirdoes
> didn't do it.... so, do the Klingons do it???
> Frogguy.

     Simple. TKD is full of the use of spaces between words. It has no
examples of punctuation in Klingon.

--   chargwI'

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