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Re: Daily Musings

On Oct 19,  8:45pm, wrote:
> Subject: Re:  Daily Musings
> Actually, I wanted to say "The professor doesn't speak clearly".  I had
> NO idea how to express that, but it LOOKED like -chu' might be a good
> prefix.  Here's my reasoning (I thought about this one for a while)...
> In the TKD, the examples for -chu' are jIyajchu' "I understand clearly",
> and baHchu' "he/she fired perfectly".  I believe you are incorrect in your
> reference to -chu'; you're probably thinking of -bej, which means
> certainty.
> Of course, they're both Type 6 suffixes, so you can't say "baHchu'bej", to
> say "he/she definitely fired perfectly".  Shucks.
> ...Paul

     The example "jIyajchu'" is a good point. I had missed it by focussing on
the first sentence of 4.2.6, page 39. "Like Type 3 noun suffixes, these
suffixes show how sure the speaker is about what is being said." Given the
context of that statement, "jIyajchu'" SHOULD mean "It is clear that I
understand." Meanwhile, that is not at all what the example shows. I'd like
to hear other valued opinions on this interpretation. Without other arguments
to consider, I would be swayed toward your interpretation.

--   charghwI'

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