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Re: More on Greater Than/Less Than

> >     I don't just disagree. I'm right. You are wrong. Period.
> Yes, Mr. Okrand Jr.  :)

     Criticism accepted. I got carried away.
> We GOTTA get Okrand on the list;  I'm sure if he were to "okay" various
> things we suggest, we'd have a huge volume of Klingon information...  :)
> ...Paul

     Even then, we'd have problems. He needs to PUBLISH, so whatever is
addressed here is available to tlhInganpu' without Internet access. My
suspicion is that he knows that. He has been quoted as saying that he has to
be careful what he says because he has come to realize that casual remarks on
his part can have unexpectedly profound consequences.

     My suspicion is that he was mostly having fun when he made up tlhIngan
Hol and despite the nicer aspects of the language, there was a limit to how
seriously he was taking himself when he did it. The intensity of his
followers has surprised him. I suspect it might even be a wee little bit

--   charghwI'

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