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How about Romulan?

>> We GOTTA get Okrand on the list;  I'm sure if he were to "okay" various
>> things we suggest, we'd have a huge volume of Klingon information...  :)
>> ...Paul
>     Even then, we'd have problems. He needs to PUBLISH, so whatever is
>addressed here is available to tlhInganpu' without Internet access. My
>suspicion is that he knows that. He has been quoted as saying that he has to
>be careful what he says because he has come to realize that casual remarks on
>his part can have unexpectedly profound consequences.
>     My suspicion is that he was mostly having fun when he made up tlhIngan
>Hol and despite the nicer aspects of the language, there was a limit to how
>seriously he was taking himself when he did it. The intensity of his
>followers has surprised him. I suspect it might even be a wee little bit
>--   charghwI'

How about we start our OWN net language?  Maybe call it Romulan, just for
keeping with the Star Trek theory...  :)

Wow, THAT would be a major undertaking, but it could be kinda fun...  :)


'Course, we'd have even fewer people speaking our language than Klingon,
and possibly less than Esperanto...  :)

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