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Klingon font

>From: dcctdw@MIT.EDU
>Date: Fri, 15 Oct 93 22:55:55 EDT
>Content-Length: 731

>Is there a Postscript font available (preferably via FTP) for the various
>Klingon fonts out there?

Well, not sure about "postscript" as such, but there are two METAFONT
Klingon fonts that I know of:  The Mandel Orthography is available by
anonymous ftp from, directory
/pub/soft/tex/fonts/klinz, or at least it was, and my rendition of the
Okuda script is available... er, by email for the asking from me.  I'm not
precisely sure what is needed for a PostScript font, but there may be tools
out there to convert METAFONT output to what you need (though I'm not sure
what they are.)


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