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Klingon font

Greetings.  Long time no post -- unfortunately, I have had no time to
devote to tlhIngan Hol studies, despite my better intentions.  However, a
cry for help from the masses prompts me to forward the question here.

Is there a Postscript font available (preferably via FTP) for the various
Klingon fonts out there?  The MIT Solar Car Club is entering into the World
Solar Challenge, and one of the suggestions for the car is 'oltlh peng,
since it runs off sunlight and looks like a torpedo.  To make the
suggestions more catchy, the author of the suggestion would like to use a
Klingon font for it.

Please respond ASAP: the competition is coming up very soon.

dave cho,
HoD qeng, qeng@HovwamwI'.Hub.tlhIngan

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