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3rd editon of TKD

As Guido1 has mentioned we need third editon of TKD in order to clear up ALOT
of questions.   I dought there is not one person on this list who disagrees. 

When ever someone request to start the Klingon Language Postal Course I
enclose a letter asking them to write to Simon and Schuster and request MORE

I now ask that of you list members.

Write to Star Trek editor:   Kevin Ryan
                                     c/o Pocket Books
                           1230 Avenue of the Americas
                               New York NY  10020  USA
                                   (212)632-8083 FAX

I would recommend that you specificly petition for a TKD third edition
otherwise they will pop out another amusing and only somewhat informative
audio cassette. 

Editors make these decitions based on money so you must try to convince them
that there are ALOT of people who want a TKD 3rd edition.

If you are a member of a Klingon/ST group set some time asside for all the
members of your gruop to write these letters. WHile writing letters under
pseudonyms is not rocommended by me it can 
be effective.  I DO recommend you write regularly , every month or two.

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