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How To Learn?

I think my original post got lost, so here's a recap:

I own the Conversational Klingon cassette, and the book (with the extra
TNG and ST6 material), but I've really no idea how to go about actually
learning it.

I recognize that HOW you learn something is almost as important as WHAT
you learn; I'd really like to learn Klingon, but I'm not sure how to go
about it.  The book is basically a grammar reference, but you don't
learn (insert native language here) by constructing sentences from the
start (or do you?).

I would probably be inclined to try a "word of the day" method of learning,
but all the prefixes and suffixes for both verbs and nouns make even that
strenuous.  How did everyone else learn Klingon?  Is the best method
brute-force memorization?


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