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Re: qab jechwI'

In response to the need for Klingon makeup/uniform:

     I can't help you on the uniform. I'm still trying to figure that one out
myself. As for a ridge, if you can't find anything better, here's one way to
get one:

     Find a translucent bar of soap (some beauty soaps are like this),
theatre quality latex (I can't immediately help you on that; I'm looking for
it myself), some tissue paper and theatre makeup. Melt the soap and dab the
somewhat hot liquid (Klingons tolerate pain) on any area where you have hair
that you wish to not have hair (like your forehead). This will glue your hair
down flat to your scalp, and it will also provide a soluable base so you can
wet it later to remove your ridge without taking all that hair with it.

     Next, tear out a piece of tissue paper to fit the area your ridge will
cover. Place it on your head and work the latex into the paper, gluing it to
your head and covering the paper. This is the base for the ridge. It both
stiffens your skin and provides a skin-like texture for the finished product.

     Make the three dimensional form of your ridge by folding, rolling and
cutting pieces of tissue paper and gluing them on by saturating them with
latex. Do not attempt to build up too much at once. Each layer has to dry
thoroughly, and you can always apply more layers, so don't take on too much
in one layer. The Latex is the substance of the ridge; the paper is the
structure holding it together, like fiberglass and resin.

     When the SHAPE is right, use a base of theatrical makeup to cover the
entire ridge and your entire face and neck with one color. This is important.
The physical ridge will never match the color of your real face, so you have
to make both of them artificially the same color before you start trying to
add shading and detail. Otherwise, you look like a human hit with a pizza and
you don't seem to have noticed enough to wash it off.

     You won't likely have time to assemble an authentic Klingon uniform, so
you may have to make do with a motorcycle jacket and the most wicked pair of
boots you can find. Leather is good. Studs work well. You might want to cut
the fingers off the nastiest pair of motorcycle gloves you can find. Better
accessories are available from suppliers "somewhere" and if someone here is
helpful enough to provide access to these suppliers, great. Otherwise, you
have to do what THEY had to do before they got organized. Just think Klingon,
look around and grab whatever a Klingon would grab to put on.

     This is the best advice *I* can offer, rather than leave you unanswered.

--   charghwI'

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