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Re: qab jechwI'

I have been trying to learn tlhIngan Hol and I think I am beginning to get 
a feel for the grammer and syntax of the language.  As such I am now trying 
to translate messages correctly, rather than simplying trying to get the 
gist of the message.  This is how I would translate Guido recent post.  
What I would like is an explaination of some parts of the message which I 
can't get to translate, as well as a discussion of how well I translated 
the rest of the message.  Also, if it is considered taboo to do this please 
tell me and I'll use private e-mail in the future.

wa'Hu' jabbI'IDvam vIlobta' 'a jang pagh
  => Yesterday I sent this message, but none answer

wa'Hu' vItlhobta' nuqDaq tlhIngan vIrurmeH qab jechwI' HIp je vIje'laH
  ?? I know the intended meaning, but I can't get it to come out 
     of the tlhIngan

Qapbe'taHvIS [mailing_list]vam QanqorvaD tlhobghach vIngeH 'ach
    De' yapbe' neH ngeHlaHpu' vaj DaH jabbI'ID vIlobqa'

   => While this list is not succeeding I send a question for Krankor,
        but he was able to send only not enough data
        thus I again transmit this messsage

De' vItlhobbogh qaSpa' wa'maHDIch jar wejmaH wa'DIch jaj vIHev 'ach
    ghaytan DaH DuHbe'

  => I ask that the information I recieve before the 10th month 31th day,
        but it is likely not now possible

Feel free to level as much critisism at the translation as you want, 
because I am here to learn.
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             |    |           Matt Whiteacre
             |    |           MMW8970@ZEUS.TAMU.EDU
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