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Re: tlhingan pongmey

On Oct 10,  6:37am, wrote:
> Subject: Re: tlhingan pongmey
> Page 58 of TKD has a list of twelve common names. As for gender, you
> may have to know a little about whose name it was in the movie: The list
> is from the 1st edition; most of the names are from ST3.
> !@#$%^&*(Guido1)*&^%$#@!
     I thought it would be good to extend this message to identify the
characters. I do not recognize all of them. I do know:

matlh - ST3, the Klingon Kirk ordered to beam himself and Spock up; the lone
survivor of his ship; the informant who helped write TKD (acknowledged at the
end of the Introduction). I believe he is also the Klingon on TKD cover on
the left.

qeylIS - For Klingons, a symbolic equivalent of a combination of Daniel Boone
and Jesus Christ, with a little Ulyses on the side. We've seen more of him in
TNG than the movies.

Qugh - The middle Klingon on the cover; author of (for me) the most
inspirational Klingon line in any of the movies: "Yes, invigourating, isn't
it?"; the very model of my passion to be Klingon.

torgh - The other Klingon on the cover; the one Qugh nearly blew away after
destroying the unfortunate Ha'DIbaH in the gunner's chair with the words
"Just SAY it, Torg! SAY THE WRONG WORD!", his disruptor trembling, his
trigger thumb stroking the ridges on the firing button...

valQIS - The name of the woman's character in ST3 who (the actress) was
literally saying the words of the subtitles in English, later redubbed in
Klingon specifically written to fit her mouth movements. She was Qugh's
"unfortunate" lover.

     So who are the others? I think qeng was the one with the eye patch in
ST6, but I have to admit I never learned the names of the Klingons in that
movie. Now that I have the tape, I intend to remedy this soon.

--   charghwI'

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