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RE: Fonts and writing system.

     Once again on Dr. Schoen's font:

     Yes, it is modeled on the Okuda font, though actually drawing the font
using Fontographer on the Mac was a task of Dr. Schoen, not Mr. Okuda. I'm
not sure who mapped each of Mr. Okuda's characters to each of Mr. Okrand's

     Dr. Schoen was distributing the two fonts shown in HolQeD in one
PostScript font. Uppercase gives the preferred character set for Klingon
writing. Lowercase gives the earlier font that is suitable for making English
illegible to those unfamiliar to the font, but not really for writing

     I used Fontographer for Windows to translate his PostScript font to
TrueType. I sent Dr. Schoen both that TrueType font and a second TrueType
font that mapped both upper and lower case characters to the uppercase
characters from Dr. Schoen's font.

     I'd be happy to share either version of these fonts, though I prefer to
involve Dr. Schoen in this for the sake of him accepting a fair royalty for
his work. It took a lot more work to draw the font than it did to translate
it, so I offer my own labors for free.

     He is at, though lately he has been inundated by recent
interest in HolQeD. At one point, I heard the number 1,400 inquiries over the
span of about a month. Correspondence with him since then has been rare.

     The purpose of my sending him the TrueType fonts was for him to continue
distributing it and collecting that fair royalty (I believe it was $12). If
he cannot answer the demand, I'm willing to distribute the font as well, with
the understanding that I would be collecting money specifically to be given
to him for his work.

     If this is desireable, my address is

--   charghwI'

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