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Re: fonts

Sorry to be flooding the bandwidth, but:
On Jun 30, 12:15am, wrote:
> Subject: Re: fonts
> charghwI'
>         Thank you for the information.  I have to ask 2 things.
> I assume that HolQed is a klingon newsletter.  HOw would I get
> information on subscribing.

> Second, for Dr. Lawrence Schoen, 
> how do I get information on your font,

> and how widely is it accepted.

     I'm not sure there is enough unity in the Klingon community yet to claim
"wide" acceptance to ANYTHING. There are very few people who can actually
read romanized Klingon. Of those, only a small percentage can read ANYBODY's
Klingon font. HolQeD has, in this realm, a wide distribution, so Dr. Schoen's
font (or Okuda's font) is as close to a widely accepted font as you are
likely to get. I know of at least one KAG that uses more than one font, but
only one person in the group actually speaks Klingon. (Explain THAT!)

> I know that I keep mentioning this fact, but if the font is not
> recognized by most, it is not really a valid representation of the
> writing system.  I would be interested in it anyways.
>                           Magick

     IMHO, this is the best font yet to represent tlhIngan Hol. I consider it
progress to get tlh down to one character.

--   charghwI'

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