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RE: Fonts and writing system.

Thanks Q,
	I have a true type font for klingon.  There are a few catches
to my request.  First, I need a complete font, upper and lower
case letters filled in, though I believe that there is no difference.
Second, I need a font that the local klingon speaking community will use
as the klingon writing system.  Though the current transcription system
is usable, it does not fully represent the charactor of the language.
In one earlier message, someone mentioned that there was a font that
was good, and would be easy to read (I assume that it beare some
resemblance to the english alphabet) [NOTE: I can neither spell or
type in english, hence my need to learn another language :)].
As long as the general klingon speaking community will recognize
the font, I will be fine.

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