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Re: fonts

I do not believe Dr. Schoen's fonts are shareware.  They do look like an
excellent way to generate funds for the HolQed, and if I had, at present, a
setup which would get along nicely with them, I would have ordered the font
I have, however, used a handy hand-scanner to scan in the printed copy of
Dr. Schoen's font, and cut-and-paste to form the sentences I wish to use.
If someone could clue me in as to a program which would allow me to re-
define the character set IBMs use under DOS (I know some VGA and EGA cards
come with software to convert the system's font over to something a little
easier on the eyes) I would be most appreciative.
Minnesota?  If I had more than a month-and-a-half notice, I'd have been
very happy to assemble the $550 and find a way to drive to Minnesota from
Georgia.  *sigh*.  Looks like I'll have to wait for a closer Camp.  


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