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Re: fonts

> I found the following in the San Jose Mercury News, 18 Apr 93
> "Li'l Bits fond packs, $19.95 each from Bitstream, offer lettering styled
> after the 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' TV shows.  Included are Star
> Trek symbols and Klingon lettering. "
> I have no idea if they're any good.
> Ken Beesley

     WARNING: These fonts are okay if what you want are DIvI' Hol fonts that
look like the lettering for credits in the movies and TV series, and even the
lettering on the starships themselves. Meanwhile, the Klingon font has about
nine characters arbitrarily mapped to the first few letters of the alphabet.
Period. You can't write anything with it.

     Dr. Lawrence Schoen has a vastly superior font mapped to cover the
entire Klingon alphabet. Contact him via HolQeD (He's the editor) or umm.
Gee, with my brain dead mailer, I can't get to his address without first
mailing this post. Anyway, he probably reads this list, so ask him about the
font. He charges about a dozen dollars for it. Such a deal!

--   charghwI'

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