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>From: Will Martin <>
>Date:    Tue, 29 Jun 93 08:39:17 EDT
>X-Mailer: UVa PCMail 1.7.1
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>Dr. Lawrence Schoen has a vastly superior font mapped to cover the
>entire Klingon alphabet. Contact him via HolQeD (He's the editor) or umm.
>Gee, with my brain dead mailer, I can't get to his address without first
>mailing this post. Anyway, he probably reads this list, so ask him about the
>font. He charges about a dozen dollars for it. Such a deal!

Dr. Schoen made up that alphabet?  I thought it was from Paramount.
Lessee.  According to HolQeD 1,1, page 19, " unofficial letter to a
Klingon fan group from an unnamed source at Paramount resulted in the
following alphabet: ["Okuda" font]".  Was the font sent and the KLI then
assigned Klingon phonemes to the result?  Or did it come with the

In any case, I've got a METAFONT version, now, of all the glyphs shown in
that HolQeD, and the numerals in volume 1, number 4.  They were designed by
the high-tech means of generating photocopies at high enlargements (by
enlarging and then enlarging the enlargements) and then squinting at the
results through graph paper and tweaking tensions and such until it looks
vaguely right, so don't expect genius.  I have a massive ligature table to
help the spacing look slightly better (what, actually think about the
spacing while making the letters?  Too much work).  I mapped all
single-character (in Okrand transcription) phonemes to their ASCII
equivalents (i.e. a,b,D,e,H,I,j,l,m,n,o,p,q,Q,r,S,t,u,v,w,y,' will all be
on those characters), and mapped ch-->C, ng-->N, gh-->G, and tlh-->T.  I
tried to make the ligature table handle changing those, so you wouldn't
have to type the non-standard method, but it's too much for the thing to
handle (the triple-character tlh, disambiguating n-gh and ng-h (I know h
isn't a tlhIngan Hol glyph, but TeX doesn't), and making kerns work for g
as well as G, since it doesn't know a G is coming when it sees the g...).
I take it folks want it?


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