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>From: Will Martin <>
>Date:    Fri, 25 Jun 93 14:54:20 EDT
>X-Mailer: UVa PCMail 1.7.1
>Content-Length: 278

>My thanks to QumpIn 'avrIn for suggestions on Klingon equivalents to
>"with" in several of the English equivalents. Am I correct to presume that
>for "I'll go with you," the only appropriate equivalent is essentially, "You
>and I go."?

>majaH SoH jIH je.

Not the only one.  You can always paraphrase in various ways, like
"qatlhejtaHvIS vIjaH", "accompanying you, I go", or "qatlhej 'ej jIjaH" "I
accompany you and go" (a slight difference here?).

>--   charghwI'


Hey!  Do my eyes deceive me, or did you manage to shorten those hellish
headers, Eli?  majQa'!

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