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Re: Klingon on road signs!

>   BBC 1 (a British TV channel) Ceefax (page 175) on Fri 25 June 1993 around
> 7am said that around an (unnamed) town in Minnesota (USA) where there is a
> Star Trek fans convention, signs have been put up reading "Doq ngeng pum Daq
> majghos nadey hingan hol jathu", stated to mean "Welcome, Klingon language
> spoken here.". (Thus spelt in the Ceefax report: not known where the
> misspellings got in. Looks like a typist misreading someone's scribble.)

I believe it was Red Lake Falls, MN.  It's a couple hours from where I live.
I can get more info on it if anyone wants it.  Just let me know.

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