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Re: KSRP/KSTP/etc.

batlh choja', Peter Garza quv:

=wIch be' wa': ghorgh maghomqa' maH wej
=It's not much, but it's a start.  Some questions about this and the
=next line are bugging me, though.
=1. wIch be' = woman of myth.  Why did Mr. Okrand have to make wIch a
=word already?  Anyway, how does this sit for "witch"?

As good as any. We could also mention their propensity for invoking spirits:
qa'mey pin'a', or qa'mey pongwI'...

=2. How would one translate "thunder"?  I was thinking something like
="thrusters' noise", but there is no word for "noise, sound, etc." that
=I could find.  Maybe just "thrusters"?  The whole line is "In thunder,
=lightning, or in rain?"  Suggestions?

You'll be wanting chuS. In your position, I'd just call it muDchuSghach,
or "stormsound", where storm could be muDralghach, or jevghach if you're
less literal-minded about your lexicon... The "in", of course, will
have to be qaStaHvIS, or qaSDI'...

Also, for maH wej: I think the positioning of the number with a pronoun
should follow the same rules as for nouns; thus, wej maH, rather than maH wej,
which would mean "We, #3" (Possibly, the third one of us).

(I take the opportunity to mention that I translate "song", "music", and 
"dance" using -chu'. Thus I translate "sing" as jachchu' (what else); "music" 
as chuSchu'ghach (cf. chuS'ugh). "Dance" I have been translating as 
vIHchu'ghach, but I think yItchu'ghach makes more sense; for Klingons, marches 
and dances can't be that far apart, after all...)


"Relax." -- "yIleS." [Three seconds pause.] "Stop Relaxing!" -- "yIleSHa'!"
                                  --- the Conversational Klingon tape.
   Nick "I am not a Klingon. Much." Nicholas.
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