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Yes!  HIja'!  Restoring Shakespeare it's original language, so to
speak, would be great!  Okay, I expressed interest before for
translating _Macbeth_, so I'm making a formal request, it we're to
that stage yet, to do this.

First line...

wIch be' wa': ghorgh maghomqa' maH wej

It's not much, but it's a start.  Some questions about this and the
next line are bugging me, though.

1. wIch be' = woman of myth.  Why did Mr. Okrand have to make wIch a
word already?  Anyway, how does this sit for "witch"?

2. How would one translate "thunder"?  I was thinking something like
"thrusters' noise", but there is no word for "noise, sound, etc." that
I could find.  Maybe just "thrusters"?  The whole line is "In thunder,
lightning, or in rain?"  Suggestions?

Well, that's all for now.

Peter Garza  "lut ja'wI'"

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