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Re: Project Shakespeare

A number of points, and then (again) an advance viewing.

Indeed, the less known works should be translated as well.  But then, I
envision doing ALL of the works.  I'm a completist.  Besides, we don't want
the Bible translating team becoming disgruntled if we finish early, now do

Seriously though, I think this is important on a number of levels.  As an
educator by profession, I've been using Klingon (and science fiction in
general) as a vehicle for instruction, to get across abstract principles and
concepts to students who otherwise wouldn't be interested.  Klingon makes for
a good metaphor in MANY situations.  Similarly, there's probably a whole
generation out there who wouldn't read Shakespeare, but hey, "Shakespeare in
Klingon? Cool!"  I can hear it now.

But as for some remarks prefering _Titus Andronicus_ to _Romeo and Juliet_ as
a Klingon play, I have to differ.  There's plenty in the latter, and the play
is much more well known.  If they could do _West Side Story_ then we've got
plenty of license.

"He jests at scars that never felt a wound" and "Arise, fair sun, and kill
the envious moon" are surely Klingon lines!

And now, because the posters to this list keep bringing up issues that I've
thought about for HolQeD, but because you don't want to wait for the new
issue (which, by the way, will be going to the printer on Wednesday), here's
a blurb from the inside back cover which details the KLI's special projects:

intense interest generated by the <<mu'mey noy>> section in <<HolQeD>>, the
KSRP has as its goal the restoration of the complete works of 
Shakespeare to the "original Klingon."  Guidelines for the project are still
being developed, and a coordinator is still being sought.  For more
information write:

          Klingon Shakespeare Restoration Project
          P.O. Box 634, Flourtown, PA  19031  USA

That address is of course the same one as the KLI (didn't expect to fool any
of you).  Several people have indicated a willingness to work on the project,
and a few have even volunteered (or perhaps that's too strong a term, say
rather reluctantly suggested they would do it) for the task of coordinating
the effort.

With the KLI's nonprofit incorporation (finally) going through, we'll be in a
position to actually publish the finished works.  A personal vision of mine
is to have, at a minimum, _Hamlet_ ready for production and sale by
September.  Should make a heck of a Christmas gift for '94, eh?  

Rather than hammer it all out on the net, I encourage the interested parties
to contact me, either at the P.O. Box address or by email.  I'd like to work
out the specs, and THEN post the guidelines to the net.  I think we'll have a
better chance of recruiting leery individuals once we've worked out the kinks
and have some more structure.  Besides, the new issue of <<HolQeD>> is all
but done, and my students will be away on break until late January, so I'll
need something to occupy my time.  I can't think of anything better than
getting the KSRP underway.  But, and I'm quick to admit this, it's going to
take a lot of help.  I hope you'll sign on along with me.


:: Dr Lawrence M Schoen, Director   ::
:: The Klingon Language Institute   ::
:: POB 634, Flourtown, PA 19031 USA ::

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