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Re: Klingon Merry Christmas?

batlh choja', Will Martin quv:

=> Given the proliferation of Xmas songs here, I don't see why we can't assume
=> *QISmaS* is a loan into Klingon, and express it as "Quchjaj QISmaSlij", or
=> "SoHvaD Quchjaj QISmaS".
=     I don't have TKD with me, but I'd tend to say something more like,
="While QISmaS is happening, may you be happy." Assuming, of course, that
=happiness is a desireable condition...

qaStaHvIS QISmaS, yIQuch, even; as for happiness being desirable, let's just
assume the translation "happy" is poor, and it actually means "the feeling
you get when you've just bathed in a Ferengi's blood" or something ;) .
Alternatively, DuQuchmoHjaj QISmaS may be worth considering.

As an aside: any money, when Qanqor returns, he's going to delete his 
overloaded mailbox ;)

Nick, who could end up doing his PhD on Klingon, if only more people did
more things to/with it. Or I could do it on Lojban. And I'll probably end
up doing it on Kalam. Now I gotta work out what Computer Text Generation 
ramifications can flow from a thesis on a language spoken by 15,000 New 
Guinea Pygmies, and how I can con my department into sending me to Stanford 
for a year as a result...

"Relax." -- "yIleS." [Three seconds pause.] "Stop Relaxing!" -- "yIleSHa'!"
                                  --- the Conversational Klingon tape.
   Nick "I am not a Klingon. Much." Nicholas.
nIchyon jIH. nIchyon SoHbe'. nIchyon ghaHbe'. nIchyon tlhIHbe'. nIchyon jIHqu'.

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