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Re: Klingon Merry Christmas?

On Dec 13,  8:56am, joel peter anderson wrote:
> Subject: Klingon Merry Christmas?
> Forgive me, but the question came up here at work - how does a 
> Klingon say "Merry Christmas?"  I know, I know "I am not a merry man!"
> Is it something like:   "Quch ISoS-QoS"?
> Thanks.

     "Sorry ISoS is Happy."??

     I think not. There's also the point about beginning any word (even a
transliterated one) with an open vowel.

     I think a Klingon would either say, "Merry Christmas" in English or not
at all, with all odds on the latter. Of course, it comes out sounding like
"merI' QISmaS", unless the Klingon has learned English well enough to lose
the accent.

     I've heard rumors that Klingons wishing to respect the spirit of the
Christmas season will approach their best human friends and present them with
an unwrapped gift (usually a prized weapon). Warning: If this happens to you,
do not comment about the lack of gift wrapping unless you are prepared to
defend yourself against your own gift...

--   charghwI'

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