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Wow! Life imitates art!

Its the Klingon Civil War!  Is Gowron working on the KBTP or against it?
Are the two sisters involved?   {{:-)

[BTW - is there an archive site for the compiled texts?  I am not terribly
fluent, and tend to scan things on an occasional basis - using the computer
tools to make SOME sense of the docs when possible.  But I would like to
get copies of the different texts, mainly because I think it is a neat
benchmark translation.  Better than say, translating Bill Clinton or
Rush Limbaugh].

 -------------------------------------------------------------------------              |
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\______NCC_1701_____|) .____.--"--"---._____   
             ||      /-----._________.----/    
     /=======||====/___/       "--"            
   . \==\____________|(-      +         .      

Wesley: Gosh, Worf, how do Klingons get baptized?  With water?
Worf:   Klingons do *NOT* get baptized with water.  We prefer fire.

[Sorry - I just had to use this signature]

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