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charghwI' is back


     Responses to my leaving the list lead me to return to the list. I
probably could have handled this better, but I didn't. My protest was
sincere. I neither wanted to censor others nor have to face the unpleasantry
of reading a list that feels increasingly alien to me, like Klingons have
suddenly become Christian pod people. Leaving seemed logical.

     I have received enough empathetic statements to conclude that to leave
the list would be to decrease the support for anyone interested in Klingon 
WITHOUT interest in the KBTP. I now offer that if the KBTP folks would kindly
make a consistent effort to note in the Subject field that your post is
related to KBTP, then I will easily avoid the temptation to make further
protest. We can peacefully coexist on the list.

     If efforts are made to avoid this peaceful coexistence, then I am
probably capable of bothering anyone else at least as much as they can bother
me. This is not my preferred attitude. The list simply has better potential
use of the bandwidth.

--   charghwI'

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