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Re: HaghmoHwI'Hom vInIDqa'

On Dec 2,  4:26am, wrote:

> I also saw {wamwI'pu' latlh} for "other hunters". {latlh} is listed as
> a noun in TKD, but I've seen it more and more turn up as an adjectivial.

     I would have preferred "wamlI'bogh latlhpu'".

> Now, as to how you might say "if your idea is better than my idea"...
> It's perfectly easy to translate this if not for that aggrivating
> little "if". The main problem of sticking {-chugh} into
> {qechraj QaQ law' qechwIj QaQ puS} is that there is no real verb to
> stick it onto. That's probably the main reason people complain that
> comparatives/superlatives are so screwy in tlhIngan Hol.
> We still don't have a way around THIS, but I'm sure we will eventually
> if Okrand keeps up the good work and doesn't slack off or lose interest
> altogether.

     How about:

          qechraj QaQ law' qechwIj QaQ puS 'e' teHchugh...

--   charghwI'

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