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qep'a', mu' chu' je


Well, nobody else seems to be handling this, and if nothing else does, it
should be posted here.

Let's talk qep'a'.

qep'a' vIghoSmeH, yaHwIj vImej, qaSDI' *Wednesday* pov.  *New York*Daq
jIghoS, 'ej *SuStel* *Laurel* je vInejchoH (tlhIngan Hol pong ghaj'a'
*Laurel*?  jIlIj).  qaStaHvIS poH nI'be' vInej, 'ej pay' chaH vISam.  vaj
malengchoH Hochma'.

qaSpu'DI' rep puS, qep'a'Daq mapaw.  maj.  qep'a'nganpu' DIghom (Qe'Daq
vItu').  nuv puS vIqIH, 'ej pongmeyvaD qabmey vIrarmoH.  Dajbej qep'a' naQ,
'ej Dojbej je. :) tlhIngan Hol jatlh nuv puS, 'ej jatlhbe' nuv puS, 'a ram;
matIv Hoch.  *Qanqor* vIghom, 'ej tlhIngan HolwIj vIqeqchoH.  *Qov*vaD
jImugh, qaStaHvIS wa' jaj cha' jaj joq.  maja'chuq, 'ej qechmey potlh,
qechmey Daj je DIqel.  maQuj, 'ej Qujmeymo' maghoj je.  mu' Quj ja'taH
*marqem*; jIHagh. :)

maHvaD tlhIngan Hol yejHaD Degh chu' 'ang *Lawrence*.  'IH.  'oHDaq "qo'mey
poSmoH Hol" ghItlhlu'.  tugh *WWW* navHeymajDaq wI'anglaH 'e' vItul.

qaStaHvIS *Saturday*, paw *Marc Okrand*, 'ej maQuchbej.  pawmo' lumerlu'
nuv law' (jISovpu' jIH'e').  qamDu'DajDaq lutDaj DIQoy... :)

We also told him some stories of our own (I'm switching into DIvI' Hol
because some of this should be seen by folks who may not be good at
Klingon).  I told him the story of the infamous "'I'" and how it had been
mistaken for a real word after being seen in an example of why we shouldn't
make up words... and wouldn't you know it?  We now DO have a word for
"armpit", and it's "'I'".  My very own Klingon word.  From now on when I
make examples I'll have to try picking more useful ones.  He even used it
later on at the qep'a' Cabaret, when we were doing the Hokey Pokey (a dance
involving body-parts).  He had us put out 'I' in, and take out 'I'
out... :)

The other word we got was "nughI'", a two-syllable verb meaning "to give
noogies" (for those not familiar with the slang, that means grinding
knuckles into/rapping sharply with knuckles on someone's head).  My
personal take is that Klingons borrowed both the act and the word from the
Feds, knowing a fun custom when they see one... especially since it's even
more nice and painful to both noogier and noogiee with the ridges.

Now, lest people really whine, I want to stop one complaint before it's
voiced.  Dr. Okrand didn't come there to be harrassed for Klingon words or
grammar.  He doesn't like being placed on the spot for these things without
having the time to consider them or consult his notes, and if you think a
few milliseconds you'll see why.  He has a hard enough time keeping all the
language and rules in his head when he's actually writing it, let alone
when he's just having fun.  I'd much rather have important affairs delayed
to be decided after careful consideration than get earlier responses on the
spur of the moment.  He had come to the qep'a' basically for dinner and a
movie (well, entertainment).  He was there just to talk and enjoy himself
and the qep'a', not to be grilled.  So he threw off a few casual new words,
better that they should be trivial than crucial and ill-considered.  We
didn't ask for them, he volunteered.  He knows we have other questions, we
even mentioned some of them to him... but did not ask for answers.  It
suffices that he knows we're thinking them.  Indeed, he arrived just at the
end of the wish-list session, where we were listing some questions we have
for him, which will be forwarded to him eventually.

pawpa' *Okrand*, qaStaHvIS *Friday*, "paqwIjDaq ponglIj yIghItlh" mura'
nuvpu'.  'ej *Hamlet*chajDaq vIghItlh; ghItlh je *ghuy'Do'*, *Holtej*,
*charghwI'* je.  'ej pawDI' *Okrand*, mu'ghommajDaq pongDaj wISuq wIneH. :)
ghaHvaD paqwIj vInobDI', ghItlhQo'.  "wej vIghItlhrup," ja'.  "nuq
vIghItlh? wej 'e' vIwuq.  jIQubnIS" ja' (DIvI' Hol lo', net Sov).
muquvmoH.  'ach mejpa' pongDaj ghItlh... 'ej wa'Hu' mu'ghom chu' vIje',
pongDaj ngaSbogh mu'ghom'e' vIQopmoH vIneHbe'mo'.  maHvaD SoQHom jatlh,
tlhIngan Hol lo'taHvIS.  SoQ ghaj *Lawrence* 'e' vIHar.

toH, jIghItlhlaHtaH.  'ach puS, 'ej jImejnIS.  chaq vIghItlhqa'.


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