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[Tlhingan-hol] glottal stop

Anthony Appleyard ( [KLI Member]

"every syllable begins with a consonant, INCLUDING the qaghwI'": This is not true for British English. I remember on the Red Sea having to teach a liveaboard-boat-ful of English-speaking people to say the Arabic word {'afwan} (the reply to "thankyou") complete with glottal stop; as usual my starting point was Cockney English "bu'er" for "butter" (familiar to the public from entertainment radio programs), as is common in books teach Semitic languages to English-speakers.

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On 10/18/2015 10:44 AM, Robyn Stewart wrote:
> The qaghwI' is more of a cessation of sound than a sound.

Not really. It's as much a stop as any other stop, just farther back in
the throat.

> Because every (otherwise-)initial vowel is automatically preceded by
> one,

Well, it's really that every syllable begins with a consonant, INCLUDING 
the qaghwI'. This is not a distinguishing feature.

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