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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country KlingonDialogue

DloraH ( [Hol po'wI']

> That 
> would be remarkably challenging, given that much of it is 
> "vague, wittering, and indecisive" (after all these years, 
> it's still my favorite phrase to describe the contrast 
> between English and Klingon language - kudos to the guy who 
> said that first, so long ago).

De'wI' raSwIjDaq mu'tlheghvetlh vIcha'.  jIH DungDaq HuS.  (De'wI' luch 'oH jIH 'e' vIHech; QInvam
ghItlhbogh yoq 'oSbe' [jIH], haha).
hmm, HuS'a' Doch, pagh, Doch HuS'a' vay'?

-- DloraH

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