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[Tlhingan-hol] Adjectives

HoD qunnoQ (

<div dir="ltr"><div><div><div>i just read in <a href="";></a> that &quot;<span id="TKDText">Those notions expressed as adjectives in English (such as <b>big, tired</b>) are expressed by verbs in Klingon (<b>be big, be tired</b>)&quot;<br><br></span></div><span id="TKDText">but what am i to do,when the klingon verb is a noun too ?<br><br></span></div><span id="TKDText">suppose i want to write &quot;secret weapon&quot;. if i say &quot;nuH pegh&quot; can&#39;t this be mistaken for &quot;secret of the weapon&quot; or &quot;weapon&#39;s secret&quot; ?<br><br></span></div><span id="TKDText">qunnoQ<br></span></div>
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