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[Tlhingan-hol] anyone read romance novels?

De'vID (

A little birdy just informed me that one is coming out where speaking
Klingon is an important plot point:

"BREAKING ALL THE RULES is the story of a by-the-book health care
administrator who finds herself in need of a Klingon interpreter...
It’s set to come out the week of March 19."

He speaks Klingon because he's a bad boy who breaks all the rules!

The Klingon Language Institute even gets a mention in it. I'm not sure
if there's any actual Klingon language in it, though.

It's fascinating, though, that the image of Klingon speakers seem to
be moving from socially awkward geeks towards desirable romantic
companions in pop culture. (How many young women have crushes on
Sheldon Cooper?)


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