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Re: [Tlhingan-hol] jar wej *jarjep

Felix Malmenbeck (

> I wonder now how they talk about the new moon, and also eclipses (one
> of which just happened recently on Terra)?

We do have two useful references from paq'batlh. The first is from paq'batlh, paq'raD, Canto 13, Stanza 11:

nuH'e' qengbogh mangghomvam
luDel 'e' ra' molor
lujang maS'e' loQ So'be'bogh QIb lurur

 Molor asks them
      What weapons this army carries,
      They reply, shaped as the crescent moon.

An interesting use of loQ there, between the object and the verb. I wonder if one can always do this when the object is marked with -'e', or if it's poetic license.

Then, towards the end, there's a mention of the new moon.

paq'batlh, paq'QIH, Canto 1, Stanza 11 (I think):

chu'DI' maS 'ej qaStaHvIS ram
    nuHmeyDaj may'luchDaj nIv je
    yIr qeylIS

On the night of the new moon
    Kahless gathered his weapons,
    And his finest suit of armor.

So, apparently Klingons have at least some concept of the moon being "new". Whether or not it's a standard expression we cannot know, but we have something to work with.

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On 16 March 2015 at 12:51, De'vID <> wrote:
> San jatlhwI': jar wej *jarjepmo' yIyep! [...]

Last week, I posted my reconstruction of the "Ides of March" scenes
from Julius Caesar, hoping someone would comment on it or suggest a
better translation.

Since no one did, I asked Marc Okrand what he thought of my *{jarjep}
idea. Here is his reply:

--- begin Marc ---
Maltz is a devotee of Shex'pir, as he is of other traditional Klingon
literature. He said that in the original Klingon version of the play,
yulyuS qaySar was told to beware of the {maS'e' So'bogh pagh}, the
full moon. He said he really doesn't know why this was changed in the
English translation, but he guessed it may have something to do with
how Earth calendars work or used to work.

Regarding {*jep}, he said he'd never heard {*jarjep} (or {*DISjep} or
{*Hoghjep} or the like), but if someone were to say a word like that,
he'd probably get the gist of what was meant.
--- end Marc ---

So, there was no "Ides" in the original Klingon, that's just an
artifact of the Federation Standard translation. However, {maS'e'
So'bogh pagh} is how Klingons talk about the "full moon".

I wonder now how they talk about the new moon, and also eclipses (one
of which just happened recently on Terra)?


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